Enhancing Your Local SEO Performance Even Further

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Enhancing your local SEO performance even further is not that difficult. There are a lot of simple things you can do to jump start your local SEO campaign. For starters, you can switch to a country-specific domain extension and move your hosting to a server within the same country. This will greatly increase your search engine rankings.

For example if users in South Africa searched for a South African Website that was hosted in South Africa it would greatly increase that websites search engine rankings in that country and load faster.

Of course, these are just the first steps towards having a really effective local SEO campaign. How can your site be enhanced even further?

Start with a Thorough Evaluation

Whether you are doing the local SEO campaign yourself or you are working with a local SEO company, it is always best to start with an evaluation. In order to perform well locally, you need to cover the basics of SEO first.

Do your homework and improve your site’s SEO performance by adding the correct tags, preparing high quality content that users will enjoy reading and of course creating a consistent navigation throughout the site.

Once all the basic elements are in place, you can start listing the things you need to do in order to make your site more local search-friendly.

Register for a Google Business Page

One of the first things you need to do when you want to start a local SEO campaign is registering for a Google Business Page. You can create a Google+ page for your business and then add your business address and other details.

Once completed, your business will start appearing on local as well as Google Maps search results.

Next, embed a map on your Contact Us page. Don’t just embed a Google Maps map that points to your address. You need to make sure that the map you are embedding actually points at your Google+ Business Page.

This will allow Google to crawl your site differently and optimize its crawler for local searches. This is a good SEO tip to use when you are learning how to make a website.

Adding More Local Tags and Elements

You can add details about the city you are based and the state you are in to various parts of the site. The parts you need to focus on are:

Title Tag – The title tag is the main title for the page. Its like the title of a book, and must be what the page is about, its also the first thing visitors read on search results about your site. Your title tag should not be more than 60 to 70 characters.

Description Tag – The description tag is exactly what it sounds like a brief description of the page. Again the description tag is displayed on search results under the Title Tag. Make it as interesting as possible so people searching will want to click on it. The description tag should not be longer than 156 characters.

H1 heading – Your page should be broken down into different paragraphs above each paragraph should be a heading tag. The H1 heading is the main and most important heading tag and should be the first used, its only used once on the page. The rest of the heading tags H2 to H6 should be used in the correct order. You can use these tags more than once on a page. Also you do not have to use all these tags if you do not have enough content.

URL – Should be what the website or page is about. Use dashes not underscore to separate words.

Content – Content is King. Have lots of great unique content and your site will do well. Add fresh content when ever you can include long tail keywords, but write for humans not search engines.

Images – Make sure you have the correct image size and name the image with a keyword phrase. Also don’t have more than two images on a page as images slow page load time. Unless you have a image gallery then you will have a lot more images on the page.

Image Alt Tag – Make sure you include your main keyword phrase in image alt tags. This will also help your SEO performance

Of course, you don’t need to add city and state to all pages or each element we mentioned earlier. Adding the city and state to your footer or page title, for instance, can help improve your site’s local SEO performance.

Be Consistent

Google and other search engines will use your business name, address and phone number as well as other details posted on your site to identify you are a local business.

Be sure to keep these information consistent throughout the site in order to truly enhance your local SEO performance.

One of the most common mistakes many site owners still make is misspelling their business name for various reasons. “Product’N Product”, for example, is crawled differently than “Product N Product” or “Product and Product”.

This type of seemingly small mistakes can really hurt your SEO efforts massively. Make sure you check for typos and other potential errors as well.

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