Advanced Link Building Strategies To Speed Up Your Website SEO

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Ask away anyone who has knowledge on how SEO or search engine optimization works and they’ll tell you link building is a crucial part of it. It’s no secret that Google itself, who pioneered how a search engine works, ranks websites according to how many other websites link to your site. Although, Google’s algorithm has endured multiple major overhauls, the premise of how it works remains, websites that have other websites links pointing to them are deemed more important. In short the more inbound links pointing at your site when you make a website the better.

Going back to the updates applied to the search engine algorithm, the ranking factor of backlinks, which is what the links are called, may not be as important as it previously was, but it plays an important role nonetheless.

Below are advanced link building strategies that works. Make sure you’re well familiar with them to make sure your website stands a chance.

  1. Create High Quality Unique Content – this remains the #1 technique on how to attract other websites into linking to yours. You see the internet is filled with crap. If your website is one of the few that offers high quality content regarding your niche, you can be sure that other sites will link out to you because it’s human nature to associate yourself with better quality stuff.
  2. Internal links – these are links directed to other pages within your website. Google likes this because it tells them that you exude confidence with your own content.
  3. Guest blog – experts have this awesome habit of answering questions about their subject matter. It doesn’t matter whose audience it is, as long as someone asks the right question. Google knows this that’s why if you’re providing high quality content to another domain, it tells search engine that you’re a competent author — thus, your website should make more sense than others!
  4. Post to .edu & .gov domains – some blogs and websites naturally have more weight than others. In terms of quality, domains owned by universities and governments obviously publish more information that are important to people than regular blogs. If you’re able to get your links posted on these sites (i.e. comments) then that scores highly with search engines.
  5. Learn from your enemy – SEO in Syracuse are experts when it comes to this strategy. Doing this involves typing your competitors’ website into Google. Then research as much as you can about the websites near the top of Google search results. You should find out where their links are coming from and where they are linking to. Learning the secret to their SEO success is one surefire way of minimizing the mistakes in your own strategy. Check out Good Monster, a SEO agency in Syracuse.
  6. Submit to popular online directories – even though search engines have proven much more useful, there are still directories in the web that people frequent. Places like stumbleupon, alltop, and DMOZ should not be taken lightly by website owners. They can bring a lot of content towards your site because of the wide exposure. Now all there is left is to build compelling content.

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