How To Make Money Online

Published On: July 4, 2013 at 5:17 pm

How to make money online
with your website.

Let me show you a few ways that you can make money online with your website. The first step is you need to make a website, this is not that difficult if you follow our web design tutorials on making a website. If you already have a blog or site then you are halfway there. You need to plan your site to be able to place affiliate banners and ads in good positions on your site.

To Earn Cash On The Internet You Will Need A Busy Site Or Blog

What is CTR?
What works best banners or text?
What is Google Adsense?
Affiliate Marketing
Sell Web Hosting

If you want to earn cash on the internet you will need to have a busy site or blog, its no good to place affiliate links and Google Adsense or other methods of making money online on your site if you do not get plenty of visitors. It’s all about the CTR (click through rate).

What is CTR

If you want to make money online the first thing you need to know or understand is the CTR and how to use it to your advantage to maximize affiliate and ad revenue on your site. CTR is the number of views from visitors to the number of times a specific ad has been clicked. In other words if the ad has been seen 1000 times and clicked 100 times, your CTR is 10%. Its very important to monitor this as a higher CTR translates directly to profits, the higher the profit the more money you make online.

Potential advertisers look for sites with a higher CTR and this increases the value of your website and advertises will be fighting for space on your site. In short having a strong CTR means your ads and affiliate links are targeted correctly for the content on the page. In other words if you visit a site about web design their ads, affiliate links and banners should relate to web design after all that’s why the visitor is there he wants to know about web design. If they have ads, affiliate links and banners about furniture it’s highly unlikely anyone will click them and they will have a low CTR.

To make money online you must have your SEO right

To make money online you must have your on-page SEO and off-page SEO right, bottom line is you need visitors. If you only have a few visitors to your site a month then stop! Don’t read any more about making money online you need to visit our SEO tutorials page, and redo your SEO if your on page SEO is good then we have the perfect SEO expert to do your off-page SEO this will give your site a much needed boost.

You can start to make money from your site when your traffic improves.

Placement of banners and what works best image or text?

Placement of banners. The way you have your advertising displayed, if your CTR is poor for a particular banner then try move the location of that banner, or change the size of the banner. If its a image banner replace it with a text banner. You need to make as much money from each page on your site, by doing a few adjustments it could increase your earning over nite and you will be happy with the results, you will start to earn more.

Do not create content that is not relevant to the page or Google Adsense could display Ads that have nothing to do with the topic of the page, resulting in you not making money online or making less money than you should. Remember good unique content is king, do this right and the money will come, and you will make lots of money online.

Get Rich Slow

The internet is full of ways to get rich quick do not be fooled. There are a million easy ways to make money on the internet, or that’s what we are told on the internet and 99.9% only make the person that advertises money not you! The only way you can get rich quick is to win the lotto. The sure way is to get rich over time with a website that is well planned and grows over time. Display Google Adsense ads, affiliate banners that relate to the topic of your site, use Clickbank, become a reseller of web hosting, and more. Lets look at ways to earn a income on your site.

Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

What is Adsense? Google Adsense is a advertising program that will allow you to publish their ads on your blog or website by placing a small snip-it of code into your websites HTML code where you want the ads to appear. It is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program, this means that you get paid when visitors clicks a banner or text ad.

Google uses Adsense spiders to crawl each page on your site, this will tell Google what topic ads to display on the page and you will notice that the ads are relevant to the content on the page. If they are not your keyword structure and content could be wrong and the Adsense spiders are telling Google to display ads that are not what you want.

You should check the SEO on that page, but before you do clean your computer cache and try again. If for example you have been searching for plane tickets on your computer and have visited a few sites then check your ads they could pick up from your computer cache plane tickets and also display ads related to this.

That is why sometimes you visit a site and some ads from Google are not relevant to the content. They could be displaying some ads from the previous websites topic that the owner of the computer was just searching for. Clever Google. The good news is that its the easiest way to make money from your website, and easy to use. Type Google Adsense into Google and sign up free follow their tutorials, place the code on your site and start making money.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn cash selling products

I have been earning some good dollars as an affiliate marketer. Its quite easy, sign up to Commission Junction find affiliates that relate to your sites niche apply to join the affiliate program and once excepted you can find different size banners and text links to place on your site. Copy the code and paste in your sites code where you want the banner or link to appear.

The affiliate banners will earn you a few dollars to lots of dollars depending on the topic and affiliate program you join when a visitor signs up. Most programs are free to join. Again to start making some big dollars your site needs a few thousand visitors a day. The busier your site the more you earn.

Sell Web Hosting And Make Money

Become a reseller

You have web hosting for your site, why not become a reseller from your hosting company. On your hosting dashboard look for making money with us, this will be where you will be able to create a account or use your existing account and get different codes for banners and links. Place at least one banner on each page of your site and you could get from $60,00 to $140.00 per sale.

Sell stuff online

Build your eCommerce website and sell products online, there are lots of eCommerce business ideas that you could find and put them into practice on your own website. Small business ideas could grow into a large business and make you loads of money.