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Published On: July 8, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Looking for quality backlinks? Submit a guest post, on web design and get a free backlink.

Are you looking for a good quality free backlink from a high page rank website about web design? Then submit a guest post on our web design blog. By taking the time and writing a good quality article and having your link in the article will help boost your site or blog, and can get you lots of visitors to your own blog or website you are currently promoting. Guest posting at HowToMakeaWebsite is free, and you can post as many guest posts as you want as long as they meet our criteria and relate to website design.

Advantages of Submitting Articles

Today we are all looking for good quality backlinks and they are not easy to find. Yes you can post on forums and free blogs but they are normally no follow links and low page rank. When you place your content on HowToMakeaWebsite you will get relevant backlinks that are do follow from a high page rank website, and what makes the backlink more powerful is that it is in the main content.

Drive targeted traffic. The best website will have thousands of natural backlinks that lead to their home page. These backlinks are a strong indicator that websites are “authority sites” which command attention and respect from people who surf the World Wide Web. These backlinks should appear in a natural way by having good quality content on the same topic as the website with a link back to their home page. This will help drive targeted traffic back to the site.

Improve your search engine ranking. One thing you must think about is where you place your URL today it is the quality of the site that you place your link on, not the quantity of backlinks your site has. Before placing your link on a website check the page rank. The higher the page rank indicates that it has good quality content, and these are the sites that you should be looking for.

Build relations and authority. Your website will be getting a vote of confidence from HowToMakeaWebsite this will help to build your sites authority, as it is being referred by HowToMakeaWebsite which is also regarded as high quality.

Please Follow Our Guidelines

Before you decide to submit a guest post please read:

Word Limit: We will only except guest posts that has more than 1500 words, it can be longer. Only well researched content will be approved. Do not copy from other sites it must be original content, we will do a serious of checks and if we find that it has been copied it will not be published and you could be banned. So do not waste your time with short posts and copied content it will get you no where.

Topics: Guest post topics should be based on the niche of this blog i.e. How To Make a Website, Google and SEO, Make Money Online, SEO Tools, Web Hosting, WordPress, Social Media Tips, and Website Design etc. NO OTHER POSTS WILL BE EXCEPTED.

Link Policy: You can add 1 link in your profile section. This could be your homepage. No SEO Optimized Links in your Bio Section please. You may have two links anywhere in the content that you submit.

Guest Post Format: Please use the title tags, description tags and keyword tags at the bottom of the WordPress editor. Give a accurate description of what the page is about. Use headings, sub-headings, bold, italics, lists etc in your guest post to make it more engaging. Remember this is for you, if the page ranks for the post visitors will click the link to your site if they find it interesting. Also the page can get the same page rank as the home page if your content is good.

Image a Must: One image at the beginning of your post is a must. The image must match the topic of the post and must be 150×150 and aligned to the left of the post, the same as the image on this page. Name the image with a keyword and place the most relevant keyword in the image alt. Make sure the image size is less than 40 KB. Please do not add more than one image or change the position or size, it has to be that size and at the top of the post. No Exceptions. If you would like to have a video on the guest post you submit this can be arranged, contact us.

Content Ownership: The guest post you have submitted will be published on HowToMakeaWebsite only. You agree it cannot be republished or used anywhere in any form, and will not use the same content on other sites. By submitting your guest post content to HowToMakeaWebsite you are giving us the ownership. We reserve the right to change the content if we feel necessary.

Big No to Copy Paste: Guest post should be written by you and not coped and pasted from some other source. We will use certain checks to ensure the content you submit is not on the internet, do not copy a little here and some there we will know and your guest post will be deleted, it must all be written by you, good quality and unique.

No Guarantee. You agree by submitting your guest post content to HowToMakeaWebsite does not mean we will publish it if is poorly written, full of spelling errors, or any other reason. The owner and HowToMakeaWebsite cannot be held responsible for loss of any content or links, we except no liabilities what so ever.

Comment Policy: Each guest post you submit will have a comment form below the post. You agree, and must reply to all incoming comments on your guest post. If you do not respond to comments after 10 days we may be forced to remove your post. Please respond to comments it will help grow your guest post and help the SEO for the page, and who knows you might get extra business from someone that comments.

If you register you have 10 days to submit your guest post. Do not think you can use this site to get a free backlink in the profile section. You must write a article.

Submit a guest post to HowToMakeaWebsite, get a 3 free backlinks.

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Doing your own backlinks is a pain we all know that, but you have to do them if you want to improve your sites visitors. Its better to do one quality backlink than lots of backlinks to sites that have no page rank. With us you get to write your own content, place your backlink in the content wherever you want, on a PR3 site. What you waiting for? Register here.

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