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Published On: July 4, 2013 at 5:22 pm

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Hosting is like the air we breath, good hosting means a healthy site.

How to Find the Perfect Web Hosting Solution for You
Ask your web hosting company these questions, and any more you might think of before you sign up.
What is your up time?
Do you have the option to install WordPress.
Can I upgrade my plan at any time?
How long have you been in business?
What are your excess bandwidth charges?
Am I in a contract when I sign up?
How often will my site be backed up?
Do you offer an affiliate program or referrer bonuses?
Do you have a online help chat that responds in minutes?
Is your free tech support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Do you offer secure server and eCommerce as an upgrade?
Is there a limit to the amount of visitors my site receives in a month?
How large will my web site be permitted to grow while being hosted by your company in terms of hard drive space and data transfer?
Take your web hosting seriously, its important. It’s like buying or renting a house make the wrong decision and you will have problems and eventually you will have to move costing you money, have you the know how or time to move your site from one web hosting company to another. The questions and points above are just a guideline to help you and warn you what to look for in a good web hosting company. This should help you weed out the many crooks and poorly resourced solutions, that you do not want to deal with.

How To Make a Website And Get It On The Internet

If you are just starting out and going to make a website then one of the best ways that you can build a website is to sign up with a web hosting company. They have lots of web design tools and site builders included in their package. Always make sure your web hosting company includes WordPress as this is probably the best way to make a website, you will find WordPress on their control panel and its easy to install. Be careful who you use as if you go with the wrong web hosting service and want to move it can be a pain and time consuming so try get it right the first time. Before you sign up to a web hosting service explore all your options, do you homework, cheapest is not always best. Look for websites like us that give reviews on web hosting companies, which web hosting companies are good and which web hosting companies to stay away from then make your decision. Having problems with your current web hosting provider? need a change we are here to help you make the right decision.

How To Find The Best Website Hosting Plan For Your Business

Below we have a selection of the best web hosting companies on the net. They have all be researched by me and I can recommend them. They are affiliate links and if you sign up I will get paid a small commission from the company. This means when you make a purchase from this site or the hosting company the price is the same. I am offered promotions and discounts which are passed on to you if you order from our site so you could even save. Thank you in advance for signing up from our site.


HostGator is our top web hosting choice, especially if you want to use WordPress. I have lots of my own websites, HowToMakeaWebsite.com, 2CreateaWebsites.com, and WebMikeSites.com are hosted with HostGator. We have been using them since 2010 and are happy with the service and have no plans on switching. They have not let us down since we started using them. We get asked lots of times what company do we use for our hosting, who do we recommend and without a doubt we recommend HostGator.

We use HostGator it’s great sign up today and get 20% off.

Why did we choose to use HostGator? Having a lot of problems with a website builder on www.2CreateaWebsites.com a friend that was using HostGator said it was good and I should try it. I signed up and moved www.2CreateaWebsites.com and never looked back, it was like day and nite. I thought what I was using was great until I started using HostGator. I started on the cheaper plan to check it out, once satisfied I upgraded and moved lots more of my sites to my HostGator hosting account. Its great! View their hosting plans below.

What do they have that others do not? As you will see we do recommend other WordPress hosting providers as well. But as they say the proof is in the pudding, in other words you can not recommend something until you have tried it and put it to the test, I have used several different hosting companies for varies sites some were bad others fantastic. HostGator is tops with amazing support, when ever I have contacted them on their online chat they have assisted me in a few minutes the longest time was ten minutes. My websites have never had any down time since I started using them. Their control panel is full of web design tools and easy to use. I have been with HostGator for a few years, and they haven’t given me a reason to switch.
If you are looking for WordPress web hosting, then we highly recommend that you use HostGator.

Eco Site Web Hosting Powerful, reliable and 300% Green Hosting!

Green Geeks

Green Geeks hosting is another excellent hosting company to use. Their control panel is easy to use with helpful site builder tools, site builders like WordPress, 99.99% up time and lots more. Get unlimited web space, so as your site grows the price stays the same load what you want it won’t effect your payment. Did you know that hosting can effect your site, poor hosting results in a website loading slow no matter how fast you design your site. So its important who you use. All the companies that I recommend I use and that’s why I can say they are good, Green Geeks are excellent they at the top, good hosting and good people to deal with. If you need help use their free online chat to get your problem sorted quick.

Green Web Hosting 100% green renewable energy to power their data


What is Green Hosting? HostPapa has taken the initiative to “go green” by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power their data centers, offices and more! HostPapa is another top hosting company to work with. Great people to deal with and a top control panel with lots of exciting tools to help you make the website of your dreams, sign up to HostPapa and start building your WordPress website. When you sign up you get a lot of extras, they also offer a money back guarantee. I have used them on customer websites and they are great.